Unified Customer Experience Analytics
Deliver Customer Experience Across Channels
Boost Workforce Performance
Eliminate Repeat Contacts

Customer Experience Improvement

  • Manage Call, Quality, CRM, Training, WFM, Feedback, IVR and CSAT metrics holistically
  • Improve First Call Resolution rate
  • Enhance IVR Self-service experience
  • Monitor and Respond to Social Media Customer Feedback
  • Monitor Customer Experience in real-time

Cost Reduction

  • Align performance goals with strategic objectives for operational excellence
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Improve supervisor effectiveness
  • Monitor agent desktop application usage
  • Reduce calls to live agents
  • Reduce MIS costs
  • Enhance management control via Mobile (iPad & Android) Executive Dashboards


  • Monitor sales KPIs more rigorously
  • Improve incentive management
  • Offload routine tasks like MIS reports preparation from supervisors to help them coach agents better
  • Empower staff with actionable data through multi-dimensional reports, KPIs, dashboards, alerts, trend analysis etc

Outsourced Partner Performance Improvement

  • Monitor Outsourced Contact Center (OSCC) partner KPIs on a daily basis
  • Benchmark and compare OSCC partners performance and provide timely feedback for improvements
  • Ensure strict SLA adherence and accurate invoicing by partners